Welcome to Sinclair Chek's home on the internet. Enjoy your time getting to know more about this brazillian bombshell with butterscotch skin, in her late 20s with soft curves. This, charming, laid back non-smoker currently lives in the great city of Toronto waiting spend time in the company of distinguished gents, ladies and couples. 

Please take your time and get comfortable browsing all the many corners of this virtual tour created to intrigue and entice you. Get lost in the gallery and read over the faq page before taking the plunge. At the end of your journey is a lasting and mutually beneficial connection with one of the most discreet, respectful and worldy courtesans in the GTA. 


Now that you've had the opportunity to acquaint yourself with Ms. Chek, if you would like to experience her in real time all that's left to do is fill out the form below. Please note, that this is in fact, the preferred contact method for first time clientele - as it allows for her to create a memorable, full, initial picture of you in her mind.  Future dates do not require you to repeat this process. Be advised that you should always book in advance to assure a successful rendezvous, Sinclair has a life outside of the artistry of the courtesan and very much wants to accommodate you and your desires, to the best of her ability.

Assist her in doing so to greater allow for your perfect engagement to become a reality. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day all in the name of forging what is sure to be a wonderful, lasting partnership. Just your interest and courtesy goes a very long way and is never forgotten. 



Standard Rates

Sneak Peek | 1 hour

A brief sojourn, a glimpse, a stolen moment to sneak Sinclair into your schedule to shake things up! Better suited to paramours who have a previously developed rapport with Ms. Chek


Getting To Know You | 1.5 hours

This is the preferred introductory date for all new clientele, and the minimum amount of time that can be enjoyed for duos and or couple calls. A rush isn't always sexy.


Let's Take Our Time | 2 hours

For a relatively tidy albeit unhurried rendezvous. This is also the best amount of time for get togethers that are attended by 3 or more people ;)


Explorer | 3 hours

The perfect amount of time, not too long, not too short but just enough to discover so very much.


Dinner & Delight | 5hrs

Sinclair is always a willing dining companion, whether it be something private or the live ambience of a trendy restaurant. Don't be shy to ask her for recommendations, or what her preferences or allergies are before finalizing this type of engagement. Remember part of being a good host is being certain to have refreshments and appetizers of some kind for dates that are FOUR HOURS OR LONGER.


Sleepover | 12 hours

For the evening that could turn into a pleasant morning, this is the only date that will do.


It's A New Day | 24 hours

What a difference a day makes! Let Ms. Chek be the difference in your day and you won't soon forget it.


Additional Hours

Having too much fun? want to extend your time together? Please have the specificed donation ready and do let Ms. Chek know as early as you can so that she can adjust her schedule.


1 hr Meet & Greet



Meet and Greet Packages are coffee (Tea for Sinclair!) dates for persons (or couples) who perhaps would like to get to know each other outside of the pressures of an intimate tete-a-tete. Perhaps this is your first time as a couple venturing into time spent with a courtesan and you are bursting with questions. Maybe you're intrigued by her online persona but still unsure she is going to be a right fit for a long-term partnership and would like to talk it over.


2 hr Meet & Greet

Grab a quick bite, take a stroll through an exhibit or something more scenic as the backdrop to your conversation for a slightly longer and suitably less stressful first time with Ms. Chek. These packages are great options to start with and if you have a great time, a second much more alluring date is sure to be in the near future!


Long Weekend | 3 Days

Whether it's to the cottage, or a B&B in another charming city, a 3 day respite with Sinclair - could be just what the doctor ordered.

1500 per day

Work It Out | 5 or more days

Vacation, Business Conference, Bucket List Destination. Bring Sinclair along for the ride and make it truly memorable for the both of you!

Inquire within


Courtesy & Etiquette


         A polite demeanour, pristine hygiene, and a tender touch are the best ways to lead when it comes to spending time with Sinclair. She brings her own brand of indelible mystery to every encounter that is complimented by soft skin, fresh but sweet notes, poise with just a hint or danger that can be coaxed out in esteemed company. When Sinclair first arrives, she is just as excited to finally embark on your time together, however she asks that you do her the courtesy of allowing her a few moments to take in her surroundings. She may want to freshen up, or hang up her coat... your consideration and care go a long way to helping her feel welcome and relaxed. After giving her the donation in an unsealed envelope you can always offer her a drink over some light conversation to have things flow at an organic pace. 

           Extreme discretion is yours to enjoy as she herself requires the same and values privacy above all else, please text and email to pre-arrange all phone calls so that she can set up a time to speak with you privately. For those of you wishing to set up a first time appointment via text, be sure to to supply all the requisite information - time and date of appointment, references, location etc. Informal texts such as 'hey.' or 'r u dt?' will not be answered from new numbers.

           On the matter of punctuality, if you are running more than 15 minutes late for a get together please advise her as early as possible so that she can handle the situation accordingly. Likewise, exercise patience and consideration should she alert you that she herself is behind schedule – Toronto is a very busy, highly trafficked, metropolis and she may be coming to see you from the other side of town. 

             If you would like to invite another companion to the interlude don't be shy and let her know, she is happy to let you know which other ladies she enjoys the company of. Duos and couple calls are a 1.5 hour minimum, couples do not have to contribute per person.

Questions and Answers

Q: Reviews.... does Sinclair have them? Can I leave her one?
A: You can find a few samples of Testimonials on the site, under her about page, she also has a few older reviews listed at TER. Yes you are free to leave reviews of Ms.Chek whether they be submitted here on the site or via another avenue. Just please check in with her regarding the specifics that you wish to share.

Q: Can I use Sinclair as a reference?
A: f you have seen Sinclair on 3 or more separate occasions or enjoyed 2 sessions that were 1.5 hours or longer then you absolutely can. Please advise her before hand so that she can be aware and respond in a timely fashion.

Q: Does that mean that she doesn't do private events?
A: Sinclair will only attend as your date and part of the audience - not the entertainment.

Q: I don't live alone, but it's ok I can just tell the other people at home to keep it down and stay out of sight.
A: For discretionary and safety purposes, you are advised to pick a time or day when you will be alone at your upscale residence. Sinclair will only be part of group social settings in a public venue.

Q: I sent Sinclair a text today, and got no response.
A: Ms. Chek will not be answering informal texts from unknown numbers, so this means messages that simply read “Hey.” or “Are you working rn?” won't garner a response. It is no different than sending an email or filling out her contact form. Introduce yourself, let her know how you found her and give the details for your desired date as well as references by name.

Q: I called Ms.Chek earlier today, I didn't leave a voicemail since my number isn't blocked...she hasn't called me back.
A: If you have called Ms.Chek and she didn't pick up then it is likely she was unable to do so owing to lack of privacy, always leave a text or voicemail as a follow-up. Using the email form is highly recommended for first time clientele, if your number is not saved in her phone this means she doesn't know who's call she is returning.

Q: I had to cancel last minute because of an emergency that I verified, do I have to go through the screening process again?
A: No you do not need to re-screen. Depending on the nature of your appointment you will be required to provide a deposit.

Q: Is Sinclair free right now? I just looked over her site / saw her ad... and really liked it! Can she be free in about 2 hours?
A: Alas, unless otherwise stated directly - you need to book 24hrs in advance. Repeat clients can possibly arrange same day appointments but even then would have to arrange very early VIA TEXT or EMAIL.